How To Display Wall Frames

A home is not complete until the walls are not filled with wall frames containing portraits, pictures, moments, arts, paintings, drawings and treasures collected over time. A great wall arrangement can be a true eye-catching composition!

wall frames 26You can make an arrangement with almost anything! If you LOVE hanging your pictures on the wall, because some of them are just so great that you want to see them everyday, not just when you look at the scrapbooks, than I hope that this blog post will help you displaying them on the walls of your homes. Sometimes a large dose of inspiration is necessary to create a beautiful photo gallery wall.

wall frames 4We take lots of pictures over time, but how often do we take the time to get those images off our computers and up on our walls? If your walls are empty, than great…this article can help you create unique photo displays, so be prepared to be inspired by the arrangement ideas described below.

One of the most common display methods is to fill a large wall space with a collection of images framed identically

wall frames 5or framing similar pictures or art work in the same size frame.

wall frames 6Here you can find some very cute and unique display ideas, that I would like to share with you. Enjoy and be inspired!

You can create your own photo frames out of cardboard tubes…ingenious, isn’t it?

wall frames 27or if you own a empty corner, than these corner picture frames are just right for you

wall frames 7Do you own pictures of different members of your family? Then you can create an wonderful family tree wall as shown in the photo below

wall frames 28You inherited your  grandma’s handbags?…don’t throw them away just because they’re old…use them to manufacture some special and unusual wall frames

wall frames 29or some old trays, that can serve as great supports for the picture frames.

wall frames 30
Ledges mounted to a wall provide a flat surface for arranging framed or mounted photos, unique art, prints, canvases and other products… but what do you think about these original shelves? These suitcases cut in half are for sure a unique idea to display your family pictures? Nice isn’t it?

wall frames 31If you love plats and you collect them, than this is a attractive idea of infusing any room with warmth.

platsAnother great idea of arranging photo is using this kind of frame. Pictures or art don’t always have to be framed. An unconventional display could be to hang unframed prints or pictures from a length of wire with clips.

If you find any of the above wall frame displaying ideas interesting or you find another one that you like here, than get your photos out of the computer and onto the wall!

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